Classic mussel fritters

Nici Wickes' delicious mussel fritters recipe is incredibly easy to make and fantastic served with lemon wedges and a herby, creamy mayo sauce. Enjoy for a tasty lunch with friends and family

New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Jul 13, 2022

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  • Creamy mussel pot

    This creamy mussel dish is incredibly simple to make, and can be on the table in under 30 minutes. That's not to mention how delicious it is, and all that omega-3 and protein will give your health a fantastic boost!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Apr 05, 2019

  • Curried mussel fritters

    This is such a scrumptious way to cook mussel fritters. A hint of curry, a few smoked mussels, plus the fresh ones, takes these to the next level. Enjoy for a weekend breakfast or quick dinner!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Feb 14, 2019

  • Mini mussel fritters with caper aioli

    Could there be anything more quintessentially Kiwi than mussel fritters at the beach? This recipe is a perfect one to mix up at home, then bring to your picnic spot to fry up on the portable BBQ.

    Nadia|Nov 28, 2018

  • Mussels in herby white wine and cream sauce

    This delicious recipe sees fresh New Zealand mussels cooked in a creamy, herby white wine sauce. Serve with plenty of crusty sourdough bread for a winning meal that's ready in just 30 minutes

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|Sep 26, 2017

  • Best seafood chowder

    Nici Wickes' seafood chowder recipe is easy to make and doesn’t cost the earth, so chow down on some chowder this week. Serve with plenty of crusty bread slathered with butter for a real winter winner

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|Jul 10, 2017

  • One-pot mussels with bacon, cider and cream

    If you love mussels, you'll love this recipe. This Kiwi shellfish fave is combined with bacon, apple cider, cream and fennel to create a delicious meal that's made all in one pot!

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|Jul 02, 2017

  • Mussel and sweet corn fritters

    This delicious mussel and sweet corn fritter recipe is what summer is all about. Serve with sweet chilli and sour cream and enjoy for a tasty lunch or quick and easy dinner

    Food|Mar 14, 2017

  • Mussels grilled in bacon blankets

    This delicious grilled mussels in bacon blankets recipe makes a great starter for a summer barbecue. Served with slices of lemon and country-style bread

    Food|Mar 13, 2017