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potato and chorizo bravo

Potato and chorizo bravo

Crunchy potatoes and spicy chorizo sausage with chilli and cayenne pepper in a dish that spice lovers will crave. Great for a party.
easy chicken fried rice

Easy chicken fried rice

Looking to use up leftover rice? Here's a quick way to turn leftover rice into a delicious, nutritious, Asian-inspired meal - and it works best with rice that's been pre-cooked.
Peanut Chocolate Crunch Balls

Peanut chocolate crunch balls

For extra crunch, roll balls in crushed peanuts instead of cocoa powder. Note
salmon ceviche salad

Salmon ceviche salad

The acids in the citrus marinade slightly cook the very thinly sliced raw seafood. Use the freshest, sashimi quality fish you can find. We've used salmon here, snapper also makes a lovely ceviche.
Crisp-skinned Thai chilli snapper

Crisp-skinned thai chilli snapper

Whole fish always make for a sensational centrepiece when you're entertaining. If snapper is unavailable, use any of your favourite whole, firm-fleshed fish for this recipe.
sausage and tabbouleh pitta breads

Sausage and tabbouleh pitta breads

We used beef sausages here, but this snack would be just as good with chicken, pork or lamb sausages depending on your child’s tastes. You can replace the baba ghanoush with hummus. Note