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MACADAMIA Anzac Biscuits

Macadamia Anzac biscuits

Take the traditional Anzac Day biscuit recipe, and add in crunchy Australian macadamia nuts and you'll have yourself a delicious sweet treat for any time of the year.
Pan-fried haloumi with green salad

Pan-fried haloumi with green salad

For an impresive starter or light lunch cut one sheet of ready-rolled puff pastry into four equal squares. Place the pastry squares on an oven tray, bake in a moderately hot oven for 20 minutes or until golden. Serve the pastry squares topped with a dressed salad and a slice or two of pan-fried haloumi. […]
prosciutto-wrapped lamb with mint pesto

Prosciutto-wrapped lamb with mint pesto

Lamb noisette is a round, rather thick, cut of meat taken from the loin. We used a basil pesto dip from the refrigerated section of supermarkets, but you can use any pesto you like. Some major supermarkets and greengrocers are now selling bunches of baby carrots of different colours. We used a bunch each of […]
chocolate panforte

Chocolate panforte

Rice paper is a fine, edible paper; contrary to popular belief, it is not actually made from rice, but from the pith of a small tree that grows in Asia. Rice paper can be found in specialist-food stores and some delicatessens. Note