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Vegan Chook Free Burgers are coming to BurgerFuel!

BurgerFuel is ruffling feathers in the burger scene, and their 100% vegan Chook Free burger is revolutionising plant-based patties.

By Milla Novak
Whether you are an ardent meat-eater, flexitarian, vegan or vegetarian – prepare for an egg-cellent flavour sensation! This delicious burger is all about food innovation, so grab the family and flock to your nearest BurgerFuel to taste for yourself this hype-worthy newbie! But be quick because like many good things, it's only available for a limited time from August 6th – September 2nd and while stocks last.
The undisputed star of BurgerFuel's Chook Free burger is its 100% vegan pattie, based around their cult-favourite staple, the Chook Royale but with a unique point of difference – zero traces of chicken. You read that right, a chicken-free pattie that magically looks, cooks and tastes like chicken.
Lucky-clucky me got to taste this savoury wonder prior to its launch at BurgerFuel Ponsonby, and I have to say I was in for a wow moment! Served hot, crumbled and crispy with the irresistible combination of juicy grilled pineapple, vegan provolone and BurgerFuel vegan aioli, this gourmet mini-burger was absolutely delicious! As someone who loves her chicken done any-which-way, I found the Chook Free burger to have an impressive chicken flavour and texture, plus it's the perfect size for when you're feeling a little peckish.
I spoke to the team at BurgerFuel HQ, and found out there is nothing bird-brained about this new chick on the block, as BurgerFuel have been offering options to everyone from vegetarians and vegans to halal and gluten-free since 1995.
"We have paid attention to the increasing demand from our customers for more plant-based options and the focus is to provide high-quality meat alternatives for those wanting to take the leap, be it for dietary, ethical or inquisitive reasons", they explain. "We will continue to meet the needs of our customers as dietary and lifestyle needs change, and there is much more to come in BurgerFuels 'Plant Powered' category, so watch this space."
For someone like myself who enjoys sampling new nosh, I'm impressed that BurgerFuel is pushing culinary boundaries by innovating in a genre that could be seen as traditional – the good 'ol burger. However, the Chook Free burger is not the only egg-citing idea they have in mind and it's why they say some new products have a limited availability.
"It gives our customers the opportunity to try unique and experimental burger creations and discover innovative or topical ingredients, all in the familiar comfort of our stores. By serving up limited-time offerings, it means our stores aren't overloaded with new ingredients or cooking processes, to ensure we deliver the most premium product at all times. These short-term campaigns also give us an insight into what our customers are craving and can inform changes to our permanent menu mix."
Speaking of cravings, get yourself along to BurgerFuel pronto and grab yourself a Chook Free burger while they're hot! Not only will you enjoy the lip-smacking taste, you'll love the fact that it contains 33% less fat than a regular piece of crumbed chicken, while also delivering a great source of dietary iron. And for the conscious consumers amongst us, it's good to know that production of the Chook Free patties means 90% less impact on land, water and resources than your regular chicken burger - now that's something to crow about!
The Chook Free Burger is only $9.50 – I found it the perfect lighter lunch for when you're on the go and it kept me fuelled till dinner.