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Start the day right with these oaty breakfast recipes

Get the best start to your day with a hearty bowl of porridge or a breakfast bar packed with goodness - these oaty breakfast recipes are delicious and nutritious!

By Jo Wilcox
Oats make the perfect nourishing breakfast. A superfood whole grain rich in carbs and fibre but also higher in protein and fat than most other grains, they'll fill you up without weighing you down. Try adding chocolate chips or nut butter to porridge, or for those early starts, make a yummy brekkie bar to munch on the go.
Recipes and Styling: Jo Wilcox | Photography: Melanie Jenkins | Props: Natalie Hoelen
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    Spiced porridge with maple nut butter

    This gently spiced porridge is just what you need to warm your insides on a cold winter morning. Top with sliced banana, fruit, yoghurt and chia seeds for a nutrition-packed bowl, then drizzle with our tasty maple nut butter.


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    Oaty breakfast bars

    These scrumptious oaty breakfast bars are the perfect morning meal for people with busy schedules! Make a batch in the weekend so you can grab and go each morning - it couldn't be easier.


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    Baked banana and chocolate-chip porridge

    These oven-baked breakfasts are one of the easiest and tastiest ways to begin your morning - simply soak your oats, stir in banana, chocolate and milk, then let them bake! A dollop of yoghurt and honey seals the deal.