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15 easy recipes everyone is making this spring

Revisit your favourite dishes of the season with this round up of our most popular spring recipes! From lemon tarts to whitebait fritters, these ideas will give you all the fresh inspiration you need to see you into summer.

  • 1

    Silky lemon tart

    Citrus tarts are a favourite with many, and my mum’s made her own version of Australian cook Stephanie Alexander’s tart recipe for years. It’s insanely silky and light as a feather.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 2

    Seed and protein bars

    These crispy, high-protein bars are also deliciously good for you. Packed with seeds, nuts and protein powder, they will give you such a kick of energy. Drizzle with dark chocolate for extra sweetness!


  • 4

    Spinach and sausage pull-apart pie

    This pull-apart pastry pie is a fantastic dish to whip up for your next gathering. It looks and tastes incredible, but it really is extra simple to make. The spinach and sausage filling is bound to be a crowd-pleaser!

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  • 5

    Fluffy rocket and feta scones

    These scones really pack a punch with rocket and a double dose of cheese – feta in the scones and cheddar on the top. Slathered in butter, a warm scone is true comfort food, right?

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 6

    Pāua fritters

    As kids, we were spoiled with these! Friends of Mum and Dad always used to drop off pāua and now I crave them, so I love getting my hands on some when I can. I have changed my usual recipe a little, with inspiration from my chef brother, by adding some herbs and zest. These are fantastic!

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|

  • 7

    Chicken and broccoli bake

    An easy go-to midweek meal that the whole family will love. Chicken and broccoli topped with tasty cheese make a delicious combination in this mouth-watering bake.

    Woman's Day|

  • 8

    No-cook ginger slice

    Soothing for your digestive system and wonderfully warming, ginger is the perfect spice for winter. Try this raw ginger slice and I guarantee you’ll be hooked, as will your gluten, dairy and refined sugar intolerant friends!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 9

    Mum's best-ever mussel fritters

    Nici Wickes shares her mum's best-ever mussel fritter recipe. Enjoy this easy dish with lemon wedges, a fresh green salad and a dollop of chunky tartare sauce for a quintessentially Kiwi meal

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 10

    Double cheese and chive scones

    These are the only scones to make if you’re after a recipe that’s super-charged with cheese. The recipe comes from Nici Wickes’ mum’s local café, but they’ve adjusted the recipe by adding chives for extra zing!

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 11

    Nici Wickes' easy lemon flan

    This is such a simple citrus tart that has become a favourite as it can be made at a minute’s notice. Enjoy either as a light and zingy dessert or with a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 12

    Best seafood chowder

    Nici Wickes' seafood chowder recipe is easy to make and doesn’t cost the earth, so chow down on some chowder this week. Serve with plenty of crusty bread slathered with butter for a real winter winner

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 13

    Classic Kiwi whitebait fritters

    Perfect a Kiwi classic with this recipe for whitebait fritters. Serve with a squeeze of lemon juice and thick slices of white bread smothered in plenty of butter

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|

  • 14

    Bacon and cheese tart

    Use a full-flavoured cheese for this recipe and you’ll be rewarded with an extremely tasty tart – great for lunch or a simple supper

    New Zealand Woman's Weekly|

  • 15

    Walnut cake with espresso mascarpone cream

    The true star of this walnut cake recipe is the silky espresso mascarpone cream that is slathered between and on top of each layer. Sprinkle with chopped walnuts and drizzle with honey to finish off this dreamy dessert.