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5 delicious gift basket ideas that will make the best Christmas presents

To help you avoid that last-minute Christmas shopping panic, we've teamed up with Liquorland to bring you the ultimate guide to making a gift basket that's centred around your loved one's favourite drink.

If you're stuck in a gift-idea rut or your loved ones are impossible to buy for, a gift basket could be the solution you've been searching for. These personalised presents are a clever way to create a gift that looks thoughtful and feels generous.
The secret to throwing together a gift basket is to start with your loved one's favourite drink and then build the basket around that. If you follow this simple recipe: Drink + glass + snack + garnish, it'll be easy to build the perfect hamper. The best part is you can go as budget-friendly or bougie as your wallet allows, and it will still look impressive.
To help you get started with your special present, here's a gift guide for the ultimate gift basket.

Drink: Gin and Tonic

Fresh, summery and zingy; a G&T gift basket is a strong option, especially if you don't know what your loved one's favourite drink is. To create this gift basket, start with your gin choice – our pick is Graham Norton's new gin range from Liquorland. With a flavour combination of 12 botanicals including orange peel, kaffir lime and juniper, the Irish Gin has a wonderfully crisp finish, or the Pink Gin has a delicately aromatic expression thanks to its botanicals of rose petals, elderflower and rose hip. Plus, the beautifully designed packaging will add wow-factor to this gift.
Short glasses are the best option for this gift basket - ideally a crystal-look glass, but that is totally budget dependant. Then add your mixer – we like Fever Tree Premium Tonics in Elderflower flavour for this. For snacks, lighter options that don't overwhelm the drink is best - think pistachios, popcorn and a roasted nut medley. A silicone ice mould in fun shapes like diamonds or spheres can add another thoughtful but practical layer to this present. This gift pairs best with a lemon twist; so to finish, scatter fresh lemons through the basket and you're all set.
Drink: Graham Norton's new Irish Gin or Pink Gin and Fever Tree Premium Tonics in Elderflower flavour, all from Liquorland
Glass: Short
Snack: Pistachios, popcorn and a roasted nut medley
Garnish: Lemons, edible flowers (optional)
Ribbon: Golden

Drink: Champagne

The holiday season is full of festivities, and with New Year's Eve just around the corner, a bottle of bubbles is fun choice to build a gift basket around. Whether your loved one prefers champagne, prosecco or a nice bottle of sparkling wine, this style of gift basket has a celebratory air to it. Our first choice is always a bottle of Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut. Founded in 1811, this classic French champagne looks elegant and has a fresh and delicate palate.
Champagne glasses are the clear choice for this gift – bonus points if you can get a pair of Marie Antoinette glasses. For your snack and garnish, thin wafer crackers with a light goat's cheese and strawberries will pair perfectly together. For an added element, a linen tea towel draped around the champagne will elevate the whole look.
Drink: Perrier-Jouët from Liquorland
Glass: Champagne
Snack: Wafer crackers and light goat's cheese
Garnish: Strawberries
Ribbon: Creamy white

Drink: Craft Beer

New Zealand has a booming craft beer scene, and these days you can find beer with tasting notes like a fine bottle of wine. For this gift basket you can definitely go for your classic, salt-of-the-earth beer options if that's what your loved one prefers, but our choice is the Epic Mixed Six Pack. Featuring six medal-winning beers made right here in New Zealand, this pack is like a tasting tray of Pale Ales, Pilsners and Lagers. While these can easily be enjoyed from the bottle, a beer glass would round out the gift basket.
Moreish snacks are best matched with this gift basket; think thick cut chips, beef jerky and sharp cheddar cheese with crackers. While there's not a specific 'garnish' for beer, a cool bottle opener or pack of coasters would tie this gift together.
Drink: Epic Mixed Six Pack from Liquorland
Glass: Beer
Snack: Chips, beef jerky and sharp cheddar cheese with crackers.
Garnish: Bottle opener
Ribbon: Golden

Drink: Espresso martini

This one's for the coffee lovers! Espresso martinis are deliciously indulgent and will make for an impressive-looking gift basket. For impact, start the hamper with Lewis Road Creamery Kahlúa Cream Liqueur. This rich coffee liqueur is a new collab between cult favourite Lewis Road Creamery and Kahlúa, and has subtle hints of rum, vanilla and chocolate.
On one side of the liqueur add a couple of Martini glasses and to the other a couple of miniature vodkas – like the ones you'd see in a minibar. For snacks, think decadent treats like chocolate truffles, nougat and fudge, balanced with almond biscotti. Espresso martinis are usually garnished with a few coffee beans, so you could dress them up by putting them in a glass jar, or find some chocolate-covered coffee beans for another sweet hit. If you want to add a couple of extra gifts, a cocktail shaker and coffee plunger are practical while also adding a sense of occasion to the hamper.
Drink: Lewis Road Creamery Kahlúa Cream Liqueur from Liquorland
Glass: Martini
Snack: Chocolate truffles, nougat, fudge and almond biscotti
Garnish: Coffee beans
Ribbon: Black

Drink: Whisky

Whisky makes an impressive centrepiece for a Christmas hamper, and you can have a lot of fun adding the final touches to this gift. Whisky (or whiskey, depending on where your favourite bottle is from) can be quite a personal choice, but our pick is The Glenlivet 12yo whisky gift pack from Liquorland. This whisky was the world's first commercially released single malt and is distinctly smooth featuring flavours of vanilla. This gift pack includes two glasses, which will make your gift gathering simple.
While wonderful on its own, whisky pairs well with a lot of flavours. The snacks for your gift basket could include dark chocolate, oat crackers, blue cheese, chutney and pears. A couple of whisky stones would also be a thoughtful addition to the pack. Finally, add a few sprigs of rosemary for a bit of colour and texture – it will look and smell amazing.
Drink: The Glenlivet 12yo whisky gift pack from Liquorland
Glass: Short
Snack: Dark chocolate, oat crackers, blue cheese, chutney and pears
Garnish: Pears and rosemary
Ribbon: Maroon
For more gifting ideas this Christmas, head to to find your loved one's perfect drink match.