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Produce guide: What's in season this June

Enjoy the freshest, cheapest and most nutritious fruit and vegetables this month, thanks to our helpful produce guide. Find out what is in season this June, and what recipes will bring out the best in each seasonal star.

By Harriet Keown

1. Apple

Many varieties of apple are at their best in June, so stock up and make the most of this staple fruit while they're crisp and juicy! Start your day the right way with a bowl of overnight apple oats, which the slow-browning Pink Lady or Fuji variations are perfect for, or these apple turnovers are a clever way to sneakily add extra fruit to kids' lunchboxes. Apples can be the star of both sweet, like this maple apple crisp, and savoury dishes, like these apple, cheddar and thyme pies; so get creative and use this crunchy fruit to your heart's content!

2. Persimmon

Add some sweetness to your winter repertoire thanks to the juicy persimmon, which also peaks in June. Whether eaten for breakfast in this vibrant smoothie bowl, for morning tea in our spiced persimmon loaf, or for dessert in these crispy hand pies, persimmon is an all-round winner. They also give a delightful pop of sweetness to salads, such as this persimmon, pomegranate and poppy seed combination or our spinach, goat's cheese and hazelnut recipe.

3. Leek

With their sweet and subtle onion-like taste, the leek is a great way to add extra flavour to savoury dishes this June. There is nothing quite as comforting as leek and potato soup, so try this creamy recipe for a bowl of goodness. Leek also makes a flavoursome addition to risotto, like in this simple and budget-conscious recipe, and in casseroles such as our hearty leek, bean and mushroom dish. To let the vegetable truly shine, try this sensational leek, goat's cheese, walnut and sage tart, which is perfect for a tasty lunch or dinner. Make sure you keep the unwanted green stalks - these can be turned into a vegetable broth!

4. Pumpkin

Vibrant and versatile, pumpkin is a must-have vegetable in your June pantry. Everybody knows that pumpkin is perfect for making incredible soups, but the magic doesn't stop there! Try using it in our divine pumpkin gnocchi with blue cheese and sage, or this moreish pumpkin and cashew curry. You could also add pumpkin to our winter veggie bowl recipe for a healthy and flavour-packed meal. Finally, play on the vegetable's sweetness by making this exquisite spiced pumpkin pie for dessert!

5. Parsnip

Load up on parsnip this month so you can add their sweet, nutty flavour to your winter dishes. Start by making this beef and parsnip ragu for a comforting dinner, or serving our incredible coq au vin atop a creamy parsnip mash. Parsnip makes a fantastic side dish, either roasted with pear, blue cheese and walnuts or mashed with potatoes - which can be elevated to become a complete meal by adding chorizo, mushroom and chargrilled pepper. It also lends itself surprisingly well to sweet dishes, such as this decadent parsnip and apple chocolate cake!

6. Kale

It's one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables you can eat, and at its freshest in June, so stock up on kale this month to bring a whole lot of extra goodness to your plate! If you're wary of its toughness and bitterness, try cooking it into these silverbeet and kale spanakopitas or blending it into our vibrantly green broccoli and kale soup. There's no denying that kale is best when served as 'chips', so try it baked with smoky paprika salt for a crispy snack. If you don't like using the more bitter stems in your dishes, simmer in a pot of water until soft, then mince and add to this olive and kale pesto!

7. Mandarin

Mandarins are the ultimate winter fruit, reaching their sweet and citrus-y best in June. For a light and fluffy treat, try baking them into this gluten-free mandarin, polenta and macadamia cake, or whipping up a batch of our tasty mandarin and milk chocolate cookies. Experiment by using them in our turmeric and mandarin roast chicken recipe, which makes a vibrant, sweet and wonderfully buttery variation of a Sunday roast. If you have a surplus of mandarins, make them into this jam, which is a great way to save the extra fruit and their peel from going to waste.

8. Passion fruit

If you can see past its unassuming exterior, passion fruit will reward you with its delightfully tropical tang, adding a sweet zinginess to every dish. This passion fruit curd teacake is a winner in our eyes, oozing with delicious homemade curd in every bite. Passion fruit glaze adds an exciting pop of flavour to our shortbread biscuits, and this apple and passion fruit pie is like eating a slice of sunshine.

9. Grapefruit

With a flavour somewhere between orange and lemon, the grapefruit can sometimes be too sour to enjoy on its own. However, put it in your baking and it will bring a deliciously zingy taste to the dish, such as in our ginger and grapefruit sponge pudding or this gluten-free lemon and grapefruit honey cake. If you want to try something new, go for these fall-off-the-bone ribs, which are made with a scrumptious grapefruit maple marinade. And to lock in that gorgeous flavour for months to come, why not whip up a few jars of this grapefruit marmalade?

10. Kiwifruit

It's a New Zealand fruit bowl staple, but most Kiwis probably never experiment with kiwifruit beyond cutting them in half and scooping out the goodness. This tangy fruit actually lends itself well to all sorts of baking, from these kiwifruit and white chocolate muffins to our silky kiwifruit custard tart. You could also fight the winter chill by making these comforting kiwifruit, ginger and apple crumbles, which are divine when served warm with a dollop of cream!