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In season with Food magazine: broccoli

Nutritionally rich broccoli is the best for family-pleasing goodness. Recipes and styling by Sophie Gray.

By Sophie Gray

Need to know:

  • Pick broccoli that has firm stems, crisp-looking dark green leaves and tightly closed buds. Avoid those with yellowing open buds.
  • Take care not to overcook broccoli, otherwise it will lose its vibrant colour and become mushy. A good method is blanching – boiling for 1-2 minutes before plunging in ice cold water. You can also oven roast it or crisp it on the barbecue – coat in olive oil and season first.
  • Raw broccoli is great in salads and makes a delicious crudité with dips and cheesy fondue.
  • Don't throw away the stalk; peel off the tough outer layer and then thinly slice to nibble on as a snack, or shred or grate to use like carrot or cabbage in coleslaw. You can also chop up and throw in with your potatoes to add a fresh dimension to your mashed potato.

Try these broccoli-inspired recipes from the Food Nov/Dec 2018 issue:

This homemade pesto is so good, you'll never want store-bought again! Use as a topping for crackers, a dip for vegetable crudité, fold through cooked pasta or spread onto a pizza base.
Broccoli and haloumi pair magically in these quick and easy fritters. Try serving with crispy bacon and a poached egg for a low-carb breakfast or light dinner.
Make dinner a little bit exciting with these deliciously healthy broccoli parmesan pizza bases. Topped with any ingredients you like or have on hand, these are a nutritious treat!
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