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In season with Food magazine: bananas

Explore new ways to get the most out of New Zealand’s favourite fruit. Recipes and styling by Sophie Gray.

By Sophie Gray

Need to know:

  • Prevent bananas ripening too quickly by separating the ripe and less ripe, and binding the stems in plastic wrap. Keep bananas apart from other ripe fruit to prevent the naturally occurring ethylene from initiating the ripening process.
  • It's not only the flesh of the banana that is nourishing, the peel also contains potassium, vitamin C, fibre and B vitamins. Blended with water, they can be used in conjunction with the flesh in baking and savoury dishes, or try whizzing them into your morning smoothie.
  • A green regular banana can be used like a plantain (cooking banana) – fried, spiced or added to curries.
  • Want to jazz up the school lunchbox banana? The skin provides a canvas on which you can write messages – use the point of a wooden skewer to inscribe your message and the natural oxidisation process will reveal it on the fruit several hours later.
  • Don't discard overripe bananas. Peel and freeze for later use in baking.

Try these banana-inspired recipes from the Food 2018 Sep/Oct issue:

The secret to the deliciousness of these banana chocolate cupcakes is in the icing. Peanut butter frosting is so magical, it will be hard to only have one of these sweet treats!
Your slow cooker is your best friend when it comes to these pulled pork tacos with spicy banana salsa. Succulent, spicy, and all-too easy to pull together, it is sure to be a hit.
Whip up this banana pudding for your next dinner party, and drench it in delicious tipsy toffee sauce to keep your guests coming back for more. It must be that dash of rum in the sauce!
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