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How to make a beautiful grazing platter with Ying Liu & Grace Ng of Platter and Graze

Food magazine spoke to Ying Liu & Grace Ng of Platter and Graze and got them to spill the secrets to making a perfect platter at home, just in time for your next get-together!

There's nothing more on-trend right now than the grazing platter – a heaping, indulgent spread of cheese, cured meat, fresh breads, dips and treats designed to not only satisfy the stomachs of your guests, but their eyes, too. Ying Liu and Grace Ng, two best mates from Auckland, have found a mutual love for putting together delicious and gorgeous platters for events – and with more than 14,000 followers on Instagram, we reckon they're doing a great job!
How did you begin your careers in platter artistry?
Platter artistry is very much a creative outlet for us, as we both love food and making things look pretty. We have been doing this while juggling full-time jobs, but it has been so worthwhile; seeing people happy makes us happy.
What do you think is the most important thing to remember when putting together a platter?
Think colour, textures and variety in food. We love buying fresh colourful fruits and vegetables to give a platter colour. Make sure you use fresh seasonal produce to really ensure the platter is looking fresh. To add texture to a platter, look for an assortment of different foods. For a variety of foods, it might be helpful to think in threes; for example: three types of cheeses, three types of fruit and three types of meat. But don't restrict yourself! The beauty of platters is that you can customise them however you want.
What inspires you?
We like trying out different types of cuisines and food and beautiful florals. We also love learning about different pairings.
Is there anything you refuse to include in a platter, or anything you think is overrated?
Nope, we enjoy variety – even if we don't love it, we're sure one of your guests will. It's all about providing variety but including a good balance of foods.
Are you noticing any emerging trends you think will be popular in 2019?
Colourful platters – these will never go out of fashion! We also love seeing different cheese pairings with honey. In general, we are seeing a lot of lunch items or meals presented in a deconstructed way and served on platters.
What would you include in a platter for a typical Kiwi BBQ?
You can't go wrong with a selection of fresh vege sticks with the classic onion dip. This will help balance the platter, and add a refreshing element to your meal.
If you only had five ingredients to put a platter together, what would they be?
Cheeses, crackers, purple grapes, salami, and a squirt of honey!
What's your most popular platter?
Our large mixed platters with a bit of everything. They're bound to be a crowd-pleaser with something for everyone.
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