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How to make the perfect cheese platter

Fact: Cheese makes the world go round. Master this entertaining essential with our easy how-to guide for creating the perfect cheese platter for your next party.

If you’re anything like us, there really is nothing better than a perfectly curated cheese platter.
A really gouda cheese platter. Sorry.
So what’s the key to laying on the best spread? What cheeses should you pairing together? And when is the best time to bring your platter out?
Don’t worry, foodies. We got this.


There are four main categories of cheese: soft (like brie or camembert), fresh (ricotta), blue (stilton, gorgonzola) and hard (cheddar, gouda).
It’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to cheese, so stick to three or four different cheeses. The fewer cheeses, the more harmonious the blend of flavours will be, and your guests won’t be overwhelmed.
Pick a soft, a hard and a blue (it’s OK to be selfish when it comes to choosing cheeses) and include a wild card – something local, something a bit special or something made with sheep or goat’s milk for the lactose intolerant.


Once you’ve got the main actors it’s time to sort out their supporting cast.
Crackers are a must – if you’re really going all out, trying making these blue cheese twists or these savoury oat biscuits – and serve a basket of warmed, crispy bread for the soft cheese.
Fruit adds the perfect burst of freshness to cut through the rich cheese. Fresh celery adds a nice crunch, while grapes, sliced apple and cherry tomatoes are always welcome. Strawberries, blueberries and cherries are also perfect for summer platters.
And don’t forget the spreads! You can’t go past a beautifully homemade quince paste or creamy pumpkin hummus.
Deli meats, dark chocolate, nuts and marinated olives are also a welcome addition to your platter.


Cheese tastes a lot better when served at room temperature, so bring it out of the fridge about 1 hour before serving.
If you like, you can pop little tags on the different cheeses to let your guests know what they’re eating. Or, you know, keep it a mystery.
All’s fair in love and cheese.
Video by : Bella Gerbic.