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15 chicken and rice dishes that will make dinner easier than ever

Jazz up the comforting combo of chicken and rice with these outside-the-box recipes. As well as the classic chicken fried rice, we've got dishes spanning Mexico to Korea in this tasty collection - all simple and all delish!

By Harriet Keown
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  • 1

    Chipotle-spiced chicken with Mexican green rice

    Packing a punch in flavour, this chipotle-spiced chicken with Mexican green rice will stun your tastebuds. Fill that bowl right up, because you’ll definitely be going back for seconds.

    New Zealand Taste|

  • 2

    Korean-style BBQ chicken and rice

    Get the BBQ cranked up and prepare this flavour-packed chicken dish. With a delicious Korean-style marinade and colourful bursts of fresh vege strips, it's an exciting recipe that is so simple to create.


  • 3

    Cauliflower rice and spiced chicken

    This spiced chicken recipe boasts a range of great flavours including smoked paprika, chilli and lemon. A quick, easy and budget-friendly meal for busy families

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|

  • 4

    Spanish chicken, chorizo and rice soup

    Prepare a comforting meal with this Spanish chicken, chorizo and rice soup recipe, which is packed to the rafters with nourishing goodies. Filling and flavoursome, this soup will transport you to warmer places.

    New Zealand Taste|

  • 5

    Wild rice, chicken and mushroom salad

    Packed with superfoods, this delicious wild rice, chicken and mushroom salad is bound to keep you satisfied until dinnertime!

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|

  • 6

    Grilled Portuguese chicken and rice

    Sweet and spicy Portuguese chicken is perfectly paired with vegetable studded rice, chutney and lemon wedges.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 9

    Chicken, rice and bean burritos

    Prepare these delicious Mexican burritos for your family for a fun, quick weeknight dinner. Your diners will enjoy assembling their own dinner, combining a tasty chicken, rice and bean mix with grated cheese and fresh vegetables on a light tortilla.

    Woman's Day|

  • 11

    Chicken, rice and orange salad

    This salad recipe sees microwaveable rice and rotisserie chicken come together to create a speedy, healthy side dish that doesn't sacrifice on flavour

    Recipes Plus|

  • 12

    Apricot chicken with creamy rice

    Deliciously tender and succulent apricot chicken and soft creamy rice. Warm and comforting - the perfect family dinner for the cooler winter nights!

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 13

    Chicken and egg on rice

    Japanese-style chicken and egg on rice is a savoury and satisfying dinner.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 14

    One-dish curried chicken with rice

    Warm up after work with this enticing curry. With korma curry paste and tender chicken thigh fillets you'll have everyone coming back for seconds.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 15

    Chicken fried rice

    This Asian inspired dinner is quick, simple and SO tasty! Full of delicious flavour and texture, this chicken fried rice is sure to become a family favourite in no time!

    Australian Women's Weekly|