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Dig into these one bowl meal recipes

Build yourself a delicious meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner with these quick and easy one bowl meal recipes. They're perfect for when you need a fast, healthy meal

  • 1

    Korean bibimbap bowls

    Discover "bibimbap", a popular Korean dish meaning mixed rice. This recipe combines plenty of veges with steak and fiery red pepper sauce. Try for a weeknight meal that will perfectly hit the spot!

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  • 2

    Nourish bowls

    Get nourished with this delicious recipe. Full of flavour and texture, these quick and easy vegetarian nourish bowls are perfect for a filling yet healthy weeknight meal

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  • 3

    Chicken teriyaki noodle bowls

    Dinner doesn't get more delicious than this chicken teriyaki noodle bowl recipe. Packed with great Japanese flavours and on the table in less than an hour, this dish is a winner

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  • 4

    Poke salmon bowls

    Keen to cut down on those carbs? Try this delicious poke salmon bowl recipe. Packed with tonnes of healthy goodies like avocado, edamame, mango and of course, salmon - this bowl is a winner

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  • 5

    Jamaican jerk bowls

    Quick, easy and on-trend, this delicious Jamaican jerk bowl recipe will definitely hit the spot. Combining tender pork, hearty beans and sweet pineapple, these delicious bowls make the perfect dinner

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  • 6

    Tuna salad sushi bowl

    Love sushi but hate the time it takes to roll? Save time tonight with this quick and delicious tuna salad sushi bowl! Simple, easy, and super tasty!

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  • 7

    Cacao and superfoods jaffa bowl

    Raw chocolate and superfoods go so well together, both in flavour and nutrition. This is Megan May's delicious ‘jaffa bowl’. Photography by Melanie Jenkins.

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  • 9

    Classic acai bowl

    Megan May's version of the popular Brazilian breakfast bowl. It's a bowl of antioxidant-rich acai blended with berries and banana into a healthy ‘sorbet’. Photography by Melanie Jenkins.

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  • 10

    Japanese sushi bowls

    When you want sushi but don't have the time or patience for fiddly rolling, reach for this chicken recipe. Quick, easy and featuring all the great flavours and ingredients of sushi

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  • 11

    Soothing sunshine breakfast bowl

    This wholesome breakfast bowl recipe combines oats, banana, ginger and dates for a bright start to the day. Plus, it gets its sunshine yellow hue from the anti-inflammatory spice turmeric

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  • 12

    Lemon grass and chicken banh mi bowl

    Fragrant, flavoursome and so delicious! You can't go wrong with this quick and easy lemon grass and chicken banh mi bowl for dinner tonight!

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  • 14

    Green goodness in a bowl

    This delicious bowl of green goodness makes for a tasty, nourishing meal. Quick, easy, and full of superpower ingredients - you simply can't go wrong!

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  • 16

    Pearl barley and cherry breakfast bowl

    Packed with cherries, honeycomb and passionfruit, this barley breakfast bowl is the perfect way to start the day. It's full of fibre, fruit and good sugars, making it suitable for diabetics.

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  • 18

    Nourishing spring vegetable bowl

    Celebrate spring with Nici Wickes' recipe for simple bowls of soupy goodness for a family lunch or simple supper. They’re full of flavour and texture, and you can get as inventive as you like

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  • 19

    Tropical green glow bowl

    Megan May's simple fresh green bowl is surprisingly delicious and satisfying. It will also get you off to a great start in the morning as the avocado is filled with good fats, vitamins and minerals, the coconut water is hydrating and the pineapple and papaya are high in enzymes. Photography by Melanie Jenkins.

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  • 20

    Purple power breakfast bowl

    Start your day the right way with this breakfast bowl recipe! This dairy-free, gluten-free smoothie bowl owes its bright purple hue to vibrant blueberries. Try it for your breakfast!

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