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8 different ways to make festive coffee for Christmas

Rise and shine, it's coffee time! Discover eight deliciously different ways to wake up to a good cuppa on Christmas Day, from cooling iced creations to naughty booze-spiked treats.

1 Give trendy Bulletproof coffee a go

Boost your energy for the big day with a Bulletproof coffee. Simply blend a cup of strong black coffee (espresso or strong filter) with 1 Tbsp coconut oil and 1-2 Tbsp unsalted butter. You can flavour it with vanilla extract, turmeric, chocolate powder or cinnamon, if you wish. The health claims about this drink have been largely debunked, but it definitely makes for a rich and eye-opening morning milkshake.

2 Be adventurous with a coffee cocktail

Kick off the day with a coffee cocktail. The Irish coffee is a classic where coffee meets whisky, a dash of sugar and whipped cream for a boozy, Guinness-esque ‘coffee’. Scandinavians don’t muck around; their coffee cocktail concoction called karsk is just black coffee mixed with moonshine or vodka.
For something a bit different, try coffee with tequila, whipped cream and cinnamon sugar, or cut to the chase and mix a shot of coffee with vodka and Quick Brown Fox liqueur for a morning espresso martini.
Irish coffee is a cheeky way to start the day.

3 Try a mushroom coffee

Medicinal mushrooms are boiled, liquefied, dried and blended with Arabica coffee to make Four Sigmatic’s instant coffee mixture. The Finnish makers claim it adds a nutrient and mineral boost, and they even recommend it with butter, cacao powder, and coconut oil for a bulletproof mushroom coffee.

4 Have it cold

Before your Xmas brunch, brew up a filter coffee and pour it into ice cube moulds. Serve up large glasses of milk filled with coffee cubes for a novel approach to the iced coffee.

5 Enjoy edible accessories

Accessorise your Christmas coffee with a milk chocolate stirring spoon. Give your coffee a stir, then leave the spoon in to dissolve or just eat it.

6 Experiment with coffee syrups

If you like a touch of sweetness in your coffee and feel like adding a different character, then coffee syrups are a bit of fun. We like Petone company Shott’s range of European-inspired coffee syrups, especially their vanilla flavour.
Shott's vanilla flavoured coffee syrup.

7 Add a scoop of ice cream

It just sounds more exotic in German (Eiskaffee), but it’s really just a creamy iced coffee. Simply brew your coffee, let it cool and top with a scoop of premium vanilla bean ice cream.

8 Drop in some chocolate

We like to drop a piece of Ola Pacifica Cococino in a strong morning coffee. It’s not sweet at all but adds amazing chocolatey richness. Mix in some milk and sugar then top with whipped cream for a Milanese barbajada.
This was first published in Taste magazine.
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