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16 warming recipes you need this winter

Warm up your insides with these delicious dinner options! From cottage pie to hearty flavoursome soups which all contain one key ingredient to keep your taste buds satisfied this winter.

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  • 1

    Easy beef and red wine casserole with mashed potatoes

    Economical and easy, this one-pot beef and red wine casserole recipe is sure to hit the spot for a comforting dinner! Serve this tender, slow cooked dish with creamy mashed potatoes

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  • 2

    Hearty beef, vegetable and barley soup

    This hearty beef, vegetable and barley soup is a true winter classic. Chunky and packed with vegetables, this nourishing soup is best served with plenty of crusty bread slathered in butter

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  • 3

    Cottage pie with cheesy cauliflower mash

    Traditional cottage pie gets a modern twist with this inventive cottage pie recipe. Swapping classic potato mash for tasty cauliflower gives this dish a delicious edge

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  • 4

    Wonton noodle soup

    You've never had two minute noodles like this before!

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  • 8

    Pumpkin, haloumi and pea couscous

    Couscous, a versatile Mediterranean grain, has been on the menu for some years. Here, combined with haloumi and roasted vegies, it is a nutritious side or a meal in itself for vegetarians.

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  • 10

    Creamy saffron seafood mornay

    This creamy seafood mornay recipe is packed with all your favourite seafood and baked untili perfectly cheesy and golden. A truly comforting dish that's a must for chilly nights


  • 11

    Spanish fish casserole

    Create this flavour-packed Spanish casserole in no time at all with this tasty recipe. This is a great way to get your family eating more fish, too, as they'll love the fragrant sauce it's served in.

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  • 12

    Beef goulash

    Hearty beef goulash is bursting with flavour garnished with paprika is delicious. Serve with rice and a dollop of natural yoghurt!


  • 13

    Easy filo topped pie

    Easy filo topped pie is perfect for a tasty, comforting mid-week dinner with the family.


  • 14

    One-pan Spanish beef and rice

    This one-pan Spanish beef and rice is a great crowd-pleaser and oh so simple for any day of the week!


  • 15

    French onion soup

    French onion soup is great for the chilly months, generously topped with cheese served with sliced baguette.


  • 16

    Italian chicken rice bake

    Italian cuisine is the best comfort food! Try the mouth-watering easy chicken rice bake for your next meal.