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16 of our most comforting recipes to beat the winter blues

Winter is all about comfort food to combat chilly winter nights. From casseroles, pies, curries to stews, winter season is truly all about delicious food. We’ve rounded up our best comfort recipes that all require Campbells Real Stock – it’s as simple as that.

Campbell's Real Stock is here to make every day more delicious. Made with real ingredients, you can rely on Campbell's Real Stock to add homemade flavour to all your savoury dishes – without the effort. Whether you're whipping up a tasty minestrone soup or a easy pork vindaloo curry, Campbell's Real Stock is one pantry staple that saves you time while intensifying flavour, naturally. No artificial ingredients necessary!
With four great flavours made with all natural ingredients, Chicken, Beef, Fish and Vegetable, there's always a reason to reach for a carton of Campbell's Real Stock.
To see more recipes head to the Campbell's warming winter collection.
  • 1

    Chickpea and pumpkin curry

    Hearty chickpea and pumpkin curry make a very easy and delicious vegetarian meal.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 3

    Easy pork vindaloo curry with raita

    Recreate this tender pork vindaloo curry at home with this easy-to-follow recipe. It's great served with warm naan bread for dipping, and finished off with a cooling yoghurt, mint and cucumber raita

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|

  • 4

    Baked ravioli

    This hearty feast is so simple to make but with melted cheese, ravioli pasta and tomato sauce it's the perfect savoury comfort food.

    Woman's Day|

  • 5

    Rustic chicken cacciatore

    This chicken cacciatore recipe is easy, hearty and sure to satisfy the whole family during the chilly winter months. Serve with plenty of ciabatta to soak up all those delicious Italian flavours

    Woman's Day (NZ edition)|

  • 6

    Mushroom ragu with spinach

    Creamy mushroom ragu with spinach is mouth-watering delicious. Perfect for a quick mid-week meal for the family.

    Australian Table|

  • 7

    Honey-mustard chicken

    Tangy honey-mustard chicken slowcooked in a broth with carrots, celery and leek.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 8

    Sicilian meatballs in spicy tomato sauce

    Warm, hearty and utterly delicious, these lamb meatballs are simmered in the slow cooker to tender perfection in a fragrant spicy tomato sauce. Serve with warm pasta or mashed tomato for a delicious family dinner idea.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 9

    Moroccan-spiced chicken casserole

    Tasty Moroccan-spiced flavours make this chicken casserole unique and a great option for a hearty dinner.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 10

    Silky cauliflower fettuccine

    Nothing is better on a chilly day than this silky cauliflower fettuccine sprinkled with breadcrumb mixture and marjoram leaves.

    Woman's Day|

  • 11

    Fish pot pies

    These creamy individual fish pies will be gobbled up by the whole family.

    Australian Women's Weekly|

  • 12

    Minestrone soup

    Thick minestrone soup is the perfect comforting Italian dinner for any day of the week.


  • 14

    Vegetable shepherd’s pie

    Swap out the mince for lentils and add a bunch of veggies! This vegetarian shepherds pie is oh so tasty.


  • 15

    Chicken and bacon ragu

    This mouth-watering chicken and bacon ragu is cooked to perfection and sure to go down a treat!