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10 cheat day meals you need in your life

You’ve been knee-deep in quinoa, kale and coconut all week. Your mind is telling you no, but your body is telling you yes. It’s time for cheat day. Here are 10 of our most indulgent meals you need for that naughty day off.

By Saru Krishnasamy

1 Hereford cheese royal burger

Described as the mac daddy of all cheese burgers, this recipe is here to satisfy all your meaty, carby and cheesy needs. Serve with a side of thick cut fries and your cravings will be sorted for the whole week.
Get the recipe here.

2 Macaroni cheese

Three kinds of cheese, lashing of butter and milk and sourdough breadcrumbs – this is mac 'n’ cheese on steroids. If you’re keen to replace your body’s water weight with melted cheese, this is the dish for you. Rest assured there is a hint of parsley for some greenery.
Get the recipe for this crunchy macaroni cheese here.

3 Popcorn and pretzel triple chocolate brownies

Can’t choose between savoury and sweet? You don’t have to with these brownies. Salty, rich and wickedly chocolatey, this brownie has it going on.
You can get the recipe here.

4 Flapjacks with bacon and maple syrup

You’ve been waiting all week, so why would you wait ‘til lunch? These American-style flapjacks are the breakfast of cheat day champions.
Put flapjacks on the menu with this recipe.

5 Deep crust pizza

Some may say predictable, some may say necessity. All we know is pizza is always good.
Get this deep crust pizza recipe here.

6 Buttermilk fried chicken

If you’re fiending fried chicken, look no further than Wellington bar and eatery The Hideaway’s buttermilk fried chicken. Serve with creamy habanero sauce and coleslaw for a finger-lickin’ meal.
Grab the recipe here.

7 Ice cream sandwich

You need a sugar hit, stat. These ice cream sandwiches are quick, easy and need just a handful of ingredients.
Get your hands on this speedy recipe here.

8 Nutella

No one is immune to the sorcery of Nutella’s chocolatey, hazelnut goodness. Here are our three favourite ways to enjoy this irresistible spread.

9 Poutine

Potato? Check. Gravy? Check. Cheese? Check. This poutine has all your cheat day food groups covered.
Grab the recipe here.

10 Salted peanut butter chocolate trifle

You had us at salted peanut butter…
Get the recipe here.
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